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Nowhere Campfire Tapes is Punck’s full-length debut CD and is released as a Ctrl+Alt+Canc/Afe joint venture. The album was recorded during 2004-2005 and follows two highly appreciated self-released CD-R EPs, many compilation appearances and a long and untired series of live activities. It was created manipulating many different kinds of acoustic sources with audio editors and software. Among such sources we find digital synthesis, contact microphones and field-recordings. „Nowhere Campfire Tapes“ features four slowly evolving tracks, with three of them lasting over the ten minutes mark. „Almost Anything“ is pervaded with disturbing frequencies, distant metal noises and ticking rain; the latter being a recurring element on the album. „Adriatico Lisergico“ (or „Lysergic Adriatic“ if you prefer) starts with the treated recording of sea waves breaking against the shore, while abstract electronic soundscapes appear along the way. Approaching the end of the track, cut-up voices are added just before sinking into sea waves again. „Tsunami Notes“ features the reciting voice of Paolo Ippoliti from Logoplasm along with sub-bass drones and high-pitched sounds. As the voice stops, the sound of a rainstorm fades in and out of the mix and a distant airplane fly over the last drops of pelting rain. „Almost Nothing“ closes the album merging most of the elements found in the previous tracks in a perfect fusion of found-sounds, field-recordings, drones and digital/electronic frequencies.


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