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These collected works of Finland’s OWL could be simply squashed into the categories of “radio noise” and “electronic interference collages” but that wouldn’t really be right. We’re rather talking about an isolated vision of sound exploration with primitive equipment, no awareness of the existence of any kind of “noise scene” (this came later), no rules, and pure enthusiasm for sonic ugliness.
A glimpse into the dark vaults of atonal pleasures, executed with crude boomboxes, one cheap multi-fx unit, no distortion (!!) and rudimentary recording techniques.
Almost all overdrive here is purely from tape saturation, and the results are creepy, fuzzy, intense and very active.
A powerful trip, unharmed by outside influences.
Carefully selected pieces from six cassettes out of a huge box of tapes.
Maybe one day there will be more discoveries, but for now here is an album of essential tape overload mania from a young mr JH, who later got busy making several zines, Anal Barbara, XXXX, Schmuck noise, and more.

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