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Both Nowa Ziemia and Echoes of Yul are well-known to the fans of Zoharum sound. Both projects have already recorded several albums and gained their own fanbase, both explore the drone possibilities of the guitar sound (though in completely different ways). On the initiative of Michał Śliwa from Echoes of Yul, the musicians joined forces to record a collaborative effort. The result is this album showing new elements in the body of work by both projects.
Nowa Ziemia in his four works presented here under the name ‚Holter‘ presents a very quiet face. Elements of field recordings combine all the tracks together and this has not been explored much in the work of this project from Gdynia. The nearly 40-minute Echoes of Yul track fits perfectly with the sound prepared by Nowa Ziemia. The static, multi-layered drone is practically stripped of the rhythm. The wall of sound controls every centimeter of the listener’s body up to a point where it suddenly becomes silent irrevocably. The only thing that remains to be done is to start listening to this collaborative split again from the beginning.

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