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Digibook, LTD: 300 copies.
On inner hub CD and DVD etched: ООО Сони ДАДС Лицензия Роскомнадзора №77-339.
DVD consists video appeared on VHS Maeror/Tri (…)* – Timeless Transcension in 1992 released by 1000schøen.his is Infinite Fog’s 4th step in reissues of Maeror Tri albums. ‚Venenum‘ is a peaceful drone album recorded between 1989 and 1991. ‚Venenum‘ was released in 1992 as a tape and reissued on limited 200 copies CD in 1999 by the short-lived French label ÜNE (r)ecords. This version is carefully remastered and packed in a deluxe hardcover digibook with booklet. Besides the CD, there is also a great surprise for all fans: a bonus DVD with ‚Timeless Transcension‘, an experimental video created and released by the band in the 1992 year on VHS.
The outstanding artwork was created especially for the album by a young painter and designer from Saint-Petersburg, Anton Bogdanov, who did a great job for the ‚Peak Experience‘ and ‚Mind Reversal‘ reissues before.

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