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It’s a tape edition of the new album from Jarl.

The new Jarl album is the Sixth on Zoharum. Like previous album Hyperacusis and Phonophobia, released in 2021, it deals with the human psyche. This time by turning inwards. Like often with Jarls sound the album has a sort of a psychedelic electronic sound.

Mind Rotation has 5 parts dealing with the human psyche. A rotation of the mind. The first two parts mind variation and mind dimension are among the brightest Jarl has ever recorded with arrpegio sequencer synthesizer style. But the three later parts mind symptoms, mind isolation and mind disorder has a darker and colder tone. From inspiration, energy, creativity, calm to anxiety, despair, destructive ness and isolation and after part five the psyche has been driven to far, turning inward with no return. In the end everything becomes clear. It was meant to happen.

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