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Thirty years after their first EP, the now classic Sufferhead, Peter Hope & David Harrow finally drop their debut album! And it’s a corker! Marrying 80’s style arpeggiated synths, seriously inspired cutting edge beat-craft, full spectrum bass and great underpinning melodies with savvy lyrical wisdom and rich vocals.! Between them Hope & Harrow have easily had more than a hundred releases over their long careers and have never stopped working and pushing forward with pioneering music. ! ! David Harrow kicked off with synth-soaked new wave and Neue Deutsche Welle, defining a techno blueprint with poet Anne Clark, onto the San Francisco disco scene, through going deep into dub and experimental electronics as part of On-U Sound and PTV, through the dirty rave haunts of London with Andrew Weatherall, through huge international tours with The Orb, through a huge pop smash with Billie Ray Martin, through his live drum’n’bass extravaganzas, through the filmscore world, on through the Californian dubstep and weird-beat scenes to the esoteric ambient soundscapes and percussion sketches.! Peter Hope first stretched his tonsils with Sheffield’s avant punk hipsters The Box, collaborated with Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H.Kirk, Sweet Exorcists & All Seeing I’s DJ Parrot, 808 State, Ex- Comsat Angels band Soup, released several albums as Flex 13 with avant-garde legend Charlie Collins (ex-Clock DVA), redefined a twisted new blues with his solo projects, the most recent being released on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label, and has even thrown his weight behind Austria’s legendary Der Blutharsch.! These guys will never stop looking for some fresh and inspired form of music through which to channel their wealth of creativity, so it’s kind of fitting that it’s taken 30 years to ‚get round‘ to making BLUE ELECTRIC, an album deep with familiarity but never looking backwards, always searching for a new way to look at the art of making music.

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