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This CD is not an album. although it could have been. Lets look back to mid 2000’s before „Seer Of Decay“ album and many of these recordings are showing the direction taken on that album. Long Lasting Happeness session originally published as split tape with Prurient (Freak Animal) that has been out of stock for years. Two tracks. „Never Wake Up“ and „Streets of Decadence“ recorded around same time. basically belonging to same session of sounds. have remained unreleased for all these years. Waiting for one compilation to be out. which probably never will. Further 4 tracks are alternative version of „Street of Decadence“. which made it to Nihilistic Paraphilia 1. and thematically those releases belong to the same re-issue. „Caught (original version)“ from same disc shows early version of raw PE style later adjusted further on split with Taint. „Paid Victims Of Modern World Fetishes“ and „MaleClit“ are songs only released in ltd to 50 copies Nihilistic Paraphialia vol. 2! „Nihilistic Paraphilia“ compilations were Japanese tour releases made in tiny CDR editions sold in Grunt tours 2005 and 2008. This CD compiles some of the best materials of this era of Grunt. filled with piercing feedback. sharp and crispy ear-slashing metal scrap noises. abundance of vocals and very song oriented approach as opposed to „plain noise“ pieces. Still vast variety and abundance of sonic elements. 50 minutes.


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