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At the same time, together with „News From Wormland“ another, tenth part of the GT Archive Series is being relesed. As next chapter is a recording of the „White Nights“ session, originally released on CDR by Die Schöne Blumen Musik Werk in 2003. It is considered by many to be one of the best albums in the GENETIC TRANSMISSION discography. Dynamic, electrifying and strong material in the spirit of musique concrète. It is based largely on electroacoustic preparations and recordings from sessions recorded in May and June 2003, made with the use of unconventional instruments, specially built by the musician himself. It was thanks to this that he obtained his own sound, characteristic of his work. „White Nights“ is a peculiar soundtrack, which is a musical illustration of a sleepless night at its various stages along with a whole range of emotions accompanying them, from exhaustion to total euphoria, from excitement to almost total madness, which could be successfully used as a characteristic describing the operation of popular stimulants on the human brain.

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