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Zoharum is proud to welcome back Gaap Kvlt with a compilation CD of tracks previously released by Polish BDTA label, as we decided that these works simply deserve resurection and more attention.
If you’re already acknowledged with this artist and his output you can expect a great extension to his „Jinn” album released by us in 2016. If you’re new to his work it’s a great way to begin your journey. What you’ll find here are dark, minimalist and often bass heavy soundscapes enriched with fieldrecordings, electronica and references to Near East drumming aesthetics.
From more isloationist ambient and moods to sink into, through dubbed out pulsations to more rhythmic structures to nod your head to, this compilation presents well balanced and maturely paced selection of the artist vision of music that is convincing enough that at times you can almost smell the sunburned sand of the desert.

CD edition of 350 copies comes in a 6 panel ecopack.

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