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distel is a dutch electronic project comprised of two members: æter (synthesizers / vocals) and scramasax (percussion). they started to release their special blend of sounds on compilations in 2009. four years later their debut album ‚puur‘ was published on the enfant terrible label in two versions: a regular vinyl lp and a special edition with a bonus 7 inch. ant-zen is proud to present this album on cd format including the full lp as well as the bonus tracks. distel’s sound requires it’s very own definition: some might call this witch house while others would go for death disco or ritual elektro – the project’s own description is ‚ultra / angst pop‘. no matter which label might fit, distel’s music is purely electronic with an industrial and minimal background which expresses a magical and maybe even occult mood. ‚puur‘ is a petrifying album suffused with experimental electronics, acherontic industrial soundscapes and profound eerie vocals backed by reluctant beats – a very unique combination of styles which denies to comply with established genre clichés. references are not easy to give, but connoisseurs of gazelle twin, november növelet, early the klinik and even autechre will enjoy diving into distel’s aural self-conception. this album is beautiful, complex and grotesque on all levels – highly recommended.

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