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The third album by Da-Sein fits seamlessly into the duo’s previous sphere of work. A gloom-ridden sound panorama, packed full of pulsating bass frequencies, swathes of feverish synths and noise-rhythms, spreads itself out before us. The voice of Kas Visions combines the manifold creative streams of Da-Sein to a cohesive whole. No matter how cold and unemotional the voice is, on this album it’s often the last human signal before the blackness absorbs the listener’s soul. Power electronics violence, eruptive noise cascades, angst pop splendour, and indeed one of the most superb instrumentals to ever spring forth from this genre, are contrasted with unsettling ambient pieces in whose absolute darkness Being and Time seem to dissolve. The music video release Hell Over You shows the other end of the scale. The Da-Sein typically hypnotic beat, danceability, melodies. That too is Sore.

:: CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet


Hell Over You
Sein Und Zeit
Master Of His Own
Anatomy Of A Dead Man
Mortify Your Flesh
Focus 27
Human Waste

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