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Damballah comes as a snake, plunging at once into the basin of water which is built for him, and then writhes, dripping and inarticulate, upon the ground, or mounts a tree, where he lies in the high branches, the primordial source of all life wisdom…when he speaks, it is a barely intelligible hissing. When, in the course of ceremony, the houngenikon opens with the words: ‚O Wedo, calling Wedo, O Wedo there, it is Damballah Wedo‘, the drums and the chorus surge forward with such solid sound, such deep fullness, as rarely marks the invocation to any other deity…To invoke them today is to stretch one’s hand back…and to gather up all history into a solid, contemporary ground beneath one’s feet.“ ‚Damballah 58‘ is the monstrous sequel to last year’s deadly ‚Black Mamba‘ 12″ (BLACKEST010). The title track’s diabolically addictive vaudou rhythms insinuate deeply before uncoiling convulsively into…an irrevocable reclamation of the consciousness. The B-side features ‚Mamba Muntu‘ (sister track to the previous ‚River Mumma‘ and ‚Witness The Spread Of The Dream‘), the treacherously beautiful ‚Belladonna Theme‘, and the marauding burning rush of ‚Immersion‘. Written and produced by William Bennett. Original vévé artwork by Mimsy DeBlois. Cut by Noel Summerville at 3345 Mastering, London. 12″ vinyl housed in reverse board picture sleeve. BLACKEST022. Tracklist: A1. Damballah 58 B1. Mamba Muntu B2. Belladonna Theme B3. Immersion


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