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Z-Rated is the new CoH album and its release coincides with the premiere of Zebraman 2, a follow-up to a superhero cinematic farse by Takashi Miike, and the record carries many ironic connotations found in the original film. Yet Z-ratedis so much more… It is a reference to the raw power of no-budget creation below that of B-movies, to the last position, even the extreme one. The album contains pieces from various years, as far back as early 90-ies, music that was hitherto kept hidden and revealed at last, obscure and odd tracks, unreleased material, rare live recordings… Diverse in style and form, Z-ratedundoubtedly carries Ivan’s own uninhibited touchall in power and finesse characteristic to all of the CoH productions. Z-rated, an essential? Probably yes. (Rotorelief) ROTOR0021


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