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with download code and psychedellic glasses for intense view on the cover images!Psychonautika, the new studio album from Changes has now become a reality.
Though known for their apocalyptic folk music, Changes‘ oeuvre consists of other
facets, love and love-lost songs, and songs of legends and legendary heroes. This
album explores a further subgroup, the lyrical and musical journey into the universe
and terra incognita of the human mind.
Consisting of thirteen musical tracks, the album, a gatefold, 12 inch LP, contains a
picture disc and a 16-page full-color, liner booklet containing all lyrics with
illustrations by Taylor and Tesluk set against the background of fractal digital
imagery. Included with each copy are a pair of 3D ChromaDepth glasses with which
to make the images amazingly emerge into the third-dimension. Join Changes on a
journey into this multi-colored universe. A digital download code of the album’s
music will accompany the purchase of each LP.
Remember, if you only have the music, you are missing half of the experience!

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