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Former guitarist of the 90’s straight edge metalcore band Prayer for Cleansing and regular Der Blutharsch collaborator Dennis Lamb found himself in the peculiar situation of curating what would become a monstrous piece of music. After sending some sound experiments to friend and co-conspirator Albin Julius, the decision was made to make an album using Dennis’ ideas, accentuated by Albin’s soundscapes. Add in musical contributions from Marthynna, Jörg, and Georg from DB&TICOTLH, Dennis’ partner Isabel, as well as Ulrich and Emanuel from Munich black metal bands Saeculum Obscurum and Sum Lights, the result is a gargantuan bipolar soundtrack to a post apocalyptic landscape of broken psyches and celebratory rituals. It’s a wild ride, as if members of Popol Vuh, Coil, and Sleep meet up in a Jodorowsky film where they are forced to trade Tarot cards for Lungfish-style repetitive sound waves. Listen to it loud with your eyes shut, take shelter in the vibrations.
released October 16, 2023

recorded in the bedouin mancave and temple 451 by dennis lamb and albin julius
mixed by dennis lamb
mastered by thomas taube at 5 lakes studio
dennis lamb – primitive electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass synth, sore throat, drum programming on aleph
albin julius – curation, synths, organ, background vocals, space echo noise, inspiration
marthynna – vocals, all lyrics
jörg b – superego guitars, distorted viking
georg o – sophisticated guitars
ulrich r – drums on tomorrow and the fall
emanuel p – bass on the fall
reber a – recitation on tomorrow
isabel r – background vocals on the fall
steve byrne – temple adornments and visuals

in loving memory of albin julius. without him, none of this would have been possible.

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