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“According to physical theories, large cosmic events, such as explosions of supernovae and collapses of binary stars, produce big changes in mass configuration.
These changes spread as waves all over the universe.
Special devices, called gravitational interferometers, have been built to detect these waves.
VIRGO, a gravitational interferometer housed near Pisa, in Italy, is the source of “Unification”.
This work contains the real, rough signals that VIRGO sent out when it was first checked, together with the target signals, computed by physicists, that VIRGO is looking for.
A CDr released in 2006 contained a first short version of this project.
The basic original sounds have now been reviewed and reassembled to provide a different, extended release.
While keeping connected to the scientific and technical issues, the idea of this project is to emotionally describe the human struggle for a more complete and unified vision of the basic forces of nature”.

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