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Atrax Morgue, the artistic moniker of the Italian musician Marco Corbelli, stands as an enigmatic figure within the realm of industrial and noise music. Revered for his gloomy sonic explorations, Corbelli forged a distinctive path through the auditory landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the Italian (and worldwide) underground music scene. Corbelli traversed realms of sonic expression with a profound commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. His oeuvre, under the guise of Atrax Morgue, reveals a meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to the exploration of the death. Employing very minimal electronic instrumentation, Corbelli sculpted an auditory experience that transcends the conventional confines of music. Within the intricate tapestry of his sonic creations, one finds a deliberate interplay of dissonance, haunting atmospheres, and intricately layered textures. Corbelli’s compositions, characterized by their sick nature, evoke a sense of otherworldly melancholia , challenging the listener to confront the boundaries of their auditory comfort zone.
Atrax Morgue’s sonic palette, resonating with industrial grit and experimental fervor, captures the essence of a sonic alchemist. Corbelli’s meticulous sound design, marked by its stark originality, creates an immersive sonic realm where the boundaries between music and visceral experience blur.
Beyond the music, Atrax Morgue’s artistic legacy extends to the visual realm, with Corbelli often employing death and desolation imagery and unconventional aesthetics to complement his sonic endeavors. This multidimensional approach reinforces the notion that Atrax Morgue is not merely a musical project but an artistic journey into the dark side of the human soul. In reflecting upon the profound impact of Marco Corbelli’s Atrax Morgue, one encounters an artist who, through his sonic and visual expressions, challenged the status quo of artistic norms. His legacy endures as an influential force within the avant-garde, a testament to the power of unbridled creativity and a sonic visionary who defied convention with unparalleled violence.
„Negative Frequencies“ is a profound musical testament that emerged from the visionary mind of the Italian artist Marco Corbelli, released in February 2006. The album encapsulates the disease and bleack essence for which Corbelli’s project, Atrax Morgue, is renowned. In this suffering sonic journey, listeners are immersed in an atmospheric realm where repetition and haunting textures intertwine to create a uniquely evocative auditory experience. Corbelli, through his meticulous approach, manipulates synth and analog tape to craft a sonic landscape that challenges conventional notions of music, inviting introspection into the darker recesses of the human psyche. In a poignant turn of events, this seminal work is now set to be reissued for the first time on vinyl, marking a significant moment in Atrax Morgue’s discography. This reissue not only amplifies the significance of „Negative Frequencies“ within the avant-garde canon but also serves as a poignant reminder of Marco Corbelli’s enduring artistic legacy. Tragically, shortly after the album’s CD release in 2006, Corbelli took his own life, rendering this album one of the last tangible echoes of his creative brilliance.
This vinyl release invites both seasoned enthusiasts and new listeners to delve into the haunting soundscape that defined Corbelli’s final artistic expressions. As the needle touches the grooves, it symbolically retraces the steps of a sonic journey crafted by an artist on the cusp of transcendence. The vinyl format not only pays homage to the analog roots of Atrax Morgue but also provides a tactile and immersive experience for those seeking to connect with the profound emotional depth embedded in Corbelli’s creations.
Negative Frequencies cover features a photograph sourced from the „Atlante di Medicina Legale“ by W. Weimann and O. Prokop. This image serves as a visual representation of Atrax Morgue’s meticulous obsession with death. This cover image not only enhances the visual appeal of the album but also provides a striking insight into Atrax Morgue’s artistic vision and thematic exploration.
This vinyl reissue feature also a meticulously crafted four-page A3 folded booklet, containing the original notes and drawings by the talented Marco Corbelli from the CD edition. Additionally, this booklet is enriched with a collection of new annotations and previously unreleased photographs, graciously provided by Andrea Marutti. The inclusion of these authentic notes and drawings from the original CD edition not only adds a nostalgic touch but also serves as a tribute to the artistic legacy of Marco Corbelli. We believe it will offer readers a deeper understanding of the creative process behind the work, allowing for a more immersive and insightful journey.
In announcing this vinyl reissue, in sole 199 copies, we honor Marco Corbelli’s enduring impact on the avant-garde music landscape, commemorating „Negative Frequencies“ as one of his final artistic beacons before his untimely departure. The reissue, meticulously mastered by Andrea Marutti, stands as a testament to the timeless nature of Corbelli’s work and invites a new generation to explore the desolate sonic landscapes that defined the later chapters of his influential career.

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