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NEW material (two side-long tracks named ABOVE & BELOW) by this cult project from the US, working with deep e-bass sounds to create a really isolationistic mass of darkest cosmic ambience, a kind of „black hole“ ur-drone; when you put this on you are immediately touched by the cold breath of an amorph „otherness“ – this sound is so monumental and complex that it seems to suspend not only the mind but also the physis, and you experience intensely that both are the same anyway… there’s something in this music that lets you really shiver and feel levitated at the same time.. gloriously, the self is dissolving… filed under: DARK OCEANIC ! Artwork by the great artist & photographer EYELYFT ( feat. gloss spot printing parts. Lim. edition 500 copies, comes on BLACK vinyl in order to have the best possible sound quality, over 30 minutes of playtime! [**extra NOTE: the original material was so massive that it needed 3 master-plates before it could be pressed – the primal tracks had to be shortened & de-equalized as they were TOO HEAVY to be pressed on vinyl! SUB-14 Substantia Innominata


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