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Facets is a multi-decade collection of songs from we be echo – encompassing their earliest recordings from 1981 to their latest in 2023. Facets includes the first we be echo vinyl release, “Alleycat”, originally found on The Elephant Table Album issued in 1983. It also includes their song from Cause For Concern’s ep “Stuff The Neighbours, Play It Loud!”. Other sought after songs include two versions of The Witches Burn, and an unreleased single, “Shake Shake Go!” (also released on Frux’s “Let The Pigeons In” album). The second and third CD in this set are new songs that didn’t fit onto the album being recorded at the time – they range from the sombre “As Seasons Change,” to the surprisingly upbeat “Sugar”. Facets is aptly named as it does, indeed, show off the many facets of we be echo – there is a lot of music here that will challenge and entertain.
CD1 – 2020-2023
-At You , because
-Remind Me
-As Seasons Change
– Moving Down
– Foot Down
-Erase Me
-Warm Spring Moments (Instrumental)

-Tomorrow (Alt Mix)
-Ghost Ov A Love Song
-Forever (Instrumental)
-Stranger Things
-Infinite Drop
-Open Season
-I See you There
-Its So Clear

-Alleycat ( Originally released on The Elephant Table Album, Xtract Records, 1983)
-Drowning in A Sea Ov Echoes
-Housewives Choice ( Previously released on Stuff The Neighbours Play It Loud! compilation EP single.recorded circa 1981)
-Never Mind (Survival Version)
( Originally recorded for WLYX Memphis Radio Show)
-Red Lights ( Originally recorded for WLYX Memphis Radio Show)
-Shake, Shake, Go ! ( Originally to be released as a single on Cause for Concern, only went to white label stage )
-The Witches Burn ( Originally recorded for WLYX Memphis Rado Show )
-Werkout 22
-Werkout 24
-I Dance In Circles ( Originally released on A Conclusion Of Unrestrained Philosophy CD, Liveevil Records, Japan, 1989)
Guitar by Simon Dunn
-The Witches Burn ( Version)
( Previously released on From Down Yondah compliation cassette, Sweden, 1984)

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