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VAZHES «Deep Komis» CD Nadeln Prod. NaP.II lim. ed. 500 copies New album «Deep Komis» by VAZHES, the project of Russian anthropologist and documentary director Sergey Gabbasov, is dedicated to authentic ethnic music of the Permian Komis. This album was made with RAPOON, NORTHAUNT and FANUM. It dips into the hidden and secret world of ancient and primordial nature, of secret and mysterious rituals. On the fanciful turnings of the forest path we will meet authentic ethno music of the Permian Komis, Nordic ambient, ethno-industrial, dub. Interweaving like lines of a spider’s web, chthonic drones mix with resonant rhythms, enigmatic voices and dense dub bass. This is a trip into the world of magic, which is full of foresters, mermaids, brownies and giants, into the world of growing trees and sparkling water. Ancient rituals and traditional culture expressed by sound. Sun light, streaming through tree leaves and reflected in river water, village traditions and rituals – by VAZHES. Dark encryption of nature in a preceding dawn cool darkness – by RAPOON. Dead water in deep marshy weeds – by FANUM. Endless spaces of fields and forests under the bright sun, eternal magic of life – by NORTHAUNT. (Official press-release from the project) NADELN Prod. NaPII


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