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NATO/Tesco USA presents:
V/A – Women Sing Williams: Songs of David E. Williams in the Female Voice – LP NATO004

For over 30 years, David E. Williams has delighted and disturbed a worldwide audience with his demented chamber pop across seven full length albums.

From the surgical theatre to the barnyard, he has written songs of forbidden love and compulsory violence, of relationships that sour in the dreary day to day, and of love fulfilled only in death and the grief of dead lovers. In other words: the true songs of our shared humanity across all boundaries.

Now, dark music royalty such as Tara Vanflower, Gitane Demone and Scout Pare-Phillips recreate these curiously empathetic songs in a manner never heard before. From goth disco to ethnic folk to musique concrete‘, this is a David E. Williams release unlike any other, yet each track asserts itself as a newer, better ultimate version. It’s as if each song was somehow always intended to sound this way.

Enjoy these gifts.

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Side A
Casa Ukrania – Done Gone Gomorrah!
Scout Pare-Phillips – Someday I Will Live My Life as a Horse
Porta Vittoria – The Curious Pediatrician
Awen – Teddy Bear Laser Speculum
Andie Moor – A Patch of Fog in Purgatory
A Piano and a Cocktail Murderess – Summer Wasn’t Made for You and Me
Tara Vanflower – Relentless and Unrelenting

Side B
Apibus – Sandra Lindsey
Radio Eris – Stench Number Seven
Bjarkan – Haiku, Interrupted
Jessica Way and Nathaniel Ritter – Fishheads and Olives
Gitane Demone Quartet – I Have Forgotten How to Love You
Jennifer Lydon – Kill Yourself in Cape May

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