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A project that was at the back of our minds for a long time is finally being realized. This compilation is an homage to Belgian label Les Disques du Crepuscule and their art of creating unique compilation albums. Their first ever release was a cassette called „From Brussels with Love“. Crepuscule released compilations that were works of art, not promotional tools for albums from their catalogue. We would like to revive this tradition with this collection of music from our friends and collaborators. Artists include Eric Random, Renaldo M, The Burning Hell, Rapoon, R.B. Russell, Naevus, Attrition & Christopher Richard Barker, Roma Amor, Frenk Lebel, The Darkening Scale, Charles Bobuck, The Residents, Schwump, Herr Lounge Corps & Cadaverous Condition, 7JK, Bumps, Avery Parks, Natascha Schampus & Thomas Fröhlich and Paul Roland. Most songs are exclusive to this collection, in fact the majority were specifically written or recorded for the project. Mastered at The Cage by Martin Bowes. Also included are artworks by friends of the label. An overall beautiful production. Tracklist: 1. Eric Random – Intro 2. Renaldo M – Rosa’s Still Lonely 3. The Burning Hell – Vienna 4. Rapoon – Brown Eyes 5. R.B. Russell – Let There Be More Love/The Man In The Wo 6. Naevus – Vienna 7. Attrition & Christopher Richard Barker – In Every Parting The Shadow Of Death 8. Roma Amor – Mama Leone 9. Frenk Lebel – Systems Collide 10. The Darkening Scale – The Digital Larynx 11. Charles Bobuck – Valley Waltz 12. Eric Random – Intermission 13. The Residents – Magic Finger 14. Schwump – Einstein’s Regret 15. Herr Lounge Corps & Cadaverous Condition – The Gardens And Graves (Sleepwalking) 16. 7JK – Taking The 71 17. Bumps – Aphids Martian Home 18. Avery Parks – What I Thought Was Something Turned Out To Be Nothing 19. Natascha Schampus & Thomas Fröhlich – Between States (Die Neue Dunkelheit) 20. Paul Roland – Journey To The Centre Of The Mind 21. Eric Random – Outro

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