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after the triumph of their returning album ‚exkarnation‘ thorofon present six shots of stimulating electronics on twelve inch vinyl format with ‚targets‘. brilliantly produced and exceptionally packed, this release proves that arresting, involving and outright original music can be both engaging on the dancefloor and in your mind. ‚targets‘ offers a diversified and contemporary collection of minimal electro pop tunes, industrial power electronics and militant body beats. the atmospheric spectrum ranges from icy, clinical disturbance to aggressive, forcing blasts, drilling the message of the forceful lyrics straight to the core on every track. an outstanding limited edition release, superb for building and maintaining excellent shooting skills. packaging: 22,5 x 35 inch paper target poster w/airbrushed thorofon stencil. this 12″ includes a mp3-download-code. (Ant-Zen) ACT274


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