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Eyes closed, ears wide open, we are given freedom to dream the void. Sweeping, intricate, sometimes ominous yet always exuding a warmth and depth of emotion, The Stargazer’s Assistant produces pure cinema of sound. For this record David J. Smith (Guapo) is joined by Circle vocalist Mika Rättö’, who sings on the heartbreaking “Coral Butterfly”. David also had the honour of playing the late Finnish jazz drummer Edward Vesala’s Sound & Fury collection of unique metal percussion. Ancient forests, vast plains, billowing clouds, rusted metal hulks, wet rock walls, light flickering in dark: these are the subtle visions of The Stargazer’s Assistant.
Originally released on Utech Records in 2013 as a double 10” vinyl this recording is now available for the first time on CD.
David J. Smith, perhaps best known as the band leader & drummer of avant garde rock group Guapo, formed The Stargazer’s Assistant in 2007. Originally a solo recording project set up to provide soundtracks for his work as a visual artist, it has since grown to encompass live concerts and collaborations with film makers and performance artists. The group is at present a trio comprising: David J. Knight (Danielle Dax, Lydia Lunch) with whom Smith also performs in the group UnicaZürn (together with Stephen Thrower – Coil, Cyclobe) and Michael J. York (Coil, Cyclobe, Teleplasmiste). Smith & York have collaborated since working together from 2012 in the live incarnation of Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown’s group Cyclobe. 2018 saw the latest release Resurgam I, Resurgam II on House Of Mythology (the follow up to their 2016 debut for the label – the double LP Remoteness Of Light). Smith is currently working on a film for the Resurgam pieces with artist Maurice Burns.

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