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Survival Unit Fentanyl Martyrs 2-golden-CD box is the latest cultural terror attack coming from cultic non-compromising Swedish postmortem/power electronics project. This time an especially dreadful and relevant theme has been chosen for compromising the declared illusions of human civilisation. Both discs have been dedicated to Chechnya undergoing the total genocide, the total war where neither honour nor rules are acknowledged, except perhaps those of Marquis de Sade, who – bearing in mind the facts of this war – would have never imagined how far the fantasy of brutal people can advance in order to dominate, torture and control those resembling themselves. Kristian Olsson – or in other words Hieronymus Bosch of the 21st century, living and creating in Sundsvall, North Sweden, where the atmosphere is shaped by hard labour in metallurgical factories and by heroin – has his fantasy and insight reach the apogee in the double album Fentanyl Martyrs. Survival Unit announces that this is the last attempt of this conceptual project, which has been revived after a long break, to put a full stop and spit into the civilisation sinking in lies indeed offensively. Then it comes as no wonder that two discs of Fentanyl Martyrs are extremely grisly. In those horror toys, Kristian Olsson rejects manifests and declarations about those who are right and who are wrong in this conflict obscured by information blockade. He opts for a rather neutral position by relentlessly raising to public the dreary crimes against humanity and declares REALITY with its each element uniquely meaningful. Some play in it a part of the scoundrels, the others that of heroes, while the third embody both roles in one. However, it is obvious that the reality exceeds the fantasy distorted by illusions by all aspects, while both sides fighting in this dreadful meat-chopping feast are merely supernumeraries declaring ruthless terror of reality. The material in both discs includes a variety of aspects in the Chechen war and genocide of Chechen people: obese lying politicians, shahids dying for the freedom of their nation and especially black widows – young women who lost their families and are dreaming of regaining them in heaven, warlords such as Shamil Basayev and Khattab who demonstrated indescribable courage, the concentration camps of the 21st century, the tragedies of Beslan school and Moscow theatre hostage crises, including fentanyl (produced nowhere else but in Kaunas, the temporary capital of Lithuania) used against the civilians in the latter siege. Traditions of power electronics/postmortem prevail in the records of Survival Unit. No one is celebrated and no one is debased. Or, all are degraded, while VIOLENCE is cynically honoured as a messenger unmasking lies. All actors of the conflict are presented in Fentanyl and Martyrs at face value: gory scoundrels and sadists fighting for survival. Ichkeria here is the smith of madness and endurance. Survival Unit’s Fentanyl Martyrs contains a number of authentic radio conversations from battlefields, grimy, rule-defying, brutal and poor quality noise and, of course, black humour, that driving force of postmortem/power electronics. This time the album of the conceptual project Survival Unit – unlike the earlier albums contained in intentionally cheap, anarchistic DIJ aesthetics and packages – will be a posh release. A special 3-part digipack, 20-page booklet, 2 golden CDs and a special manually-made box will spit into the face of those mocking underground and the truth. Total dirt, horror, bloody audiovisual collages, non-compromising mockery of illusions: the TRUTH will be packed in special luxury. On the one hand, it is a real pity because this is the grand pre-funeral wake of the Survival Unit project. Yet, the legendary project leaving to Valhalla must be specially honoured. So, no wonder that the independent AUTARKEIA, which has previously buried Megaptera giant very solemnly, has been chosen for arranging the funeral. Putin Putana! (autarkeia)


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