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American power electronics project has gained recognition for almost a decade. Multiple small scale releases on tape and cdr format has been done on various labels such as Nefarious Activities, Heavy Psych, RRR, Fusty Cunt, Waterpower, New Forces, etc. When this album was offered for Freak Animal, it was clear this was absolutely the best Striation release. Due various circumstances, album remained in vaults since 2018, and meanwhile Fusty Cunt released it on LP format. Also Vietnamization was reissued as double CD by Old Captain/Eibon and Oxen label put out Collection of old tape materials on CD. Finally now in 2020, digipak CD of ”Keepsakes” comes out on Freak Animal and I am still convinced this is the best Striations release. Material that was not done for tape or cdr, but intended to be album in first place. This element seems clear, while Striations certainly maintains its ugly, vile and vulgar dedication to banal horrors of abuse and violence.“

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