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deluxe 20xcd cloth bound foil stamped box with ribbon including individual wallets, 40-page booklet and 2-sided poster. edition of 300.

despite being the creator and main operator of the legendary and eerie ’self abuse records‘ patrick o’neil founded skin crime in 93/94 out of the morbid surrealism of mother project – hanged man’s orgasm.

one of the earliest and most influential american noise institutions from the 90’s,skin crime could be said to be the missing link between european musique concrete, japanese noise, and the gritty abstract electronics of what became the glory and gory days of ‚american harsh noise.‘ the special and largely undocumented moment at which the ’noise‘ broke away from ‚industrial‘ to destroy further its electronic roots. its synthetic sound sources associated with industrial became so self abused that their electronic origins were rendered indecipherable and turned into a rotten organic abstraction.

skin crime distinguished themselves as not just another ‚bedroom project‘ but a real dedicated live noise band. with a rotating lineup surrounding their core as a three piece, their highly detailed ascending compositions offset with their forceful and dynamic textures quickly secured them a place in the rapidly emerging international noise subculture. appearing on such cult releases as ‚the adventures of huckleberry finn‘ tour vhs and ‚an evening of serious noise‘ tape box, their unique live model saw the bandperforming alongside heavyweights such as the haters, merzbow, and masonna, outlasting many of their peers.

through careful selection yet extensive depth their key works as well as vital secrets are preserved here with respect to the mystery.

highlights include:

– unreleased studio and live recordings

– early versions of audio pathology tracks

– trauma tape

– extensive collection of compilation and split tracks ranging from obscure vinyl, tape, and cdr only releases

– early cassette only titles such as king of the deathmatch, eyestrain and burn, many of which appear on cd here for the first time as well as hard to find essentials like the masterwork of audio pathology and classics such as whorebutcher.

– Four different studio remixes of the material from the Skin Crime LP – with different mixing between the members in addition to the full original lp. (this album was the first vinyl lp ever released on hospital productions.)

furthermore the box includes the following releases:
desecration, prenatal, eyestrain, electroshock treatment, genital modification, urge, whorebutcher, burn, king of the death match, audio pathology, tsunami, parasite,skin crime lp, trauma, monster, and much more! each disc is packed to the brim with extra tracks!

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