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Still, what lay behind the hundred twenty fifth door?” – Longing to gain a deeper understanding of human existence, to look behind the obvious – such is the driving force of Lithuanian artist Vytenis Eitminavičius. Under the moniker skeldos he creates deeply mesmerizing, melancholic experimental ambient music with spoken word poetry of sheer beauty, reminiscent of the most evocative moments of projects like Maeror Tri or Troum. Enchanting beyond all measure!

The “Ilgės – Caretakers of Yearning” CD is a much-needed, extended version of his recent cassette album “Ilgės”, which had been available in a very limited edition only – newly mastered by Hunter Barr – with the addition of an exclusive track recorded especially for this new The Epicurean edition.

Inspired by the poetry of Lithuanian writer Antanas Škėma and contextualized spiritually by a trip to Southeast Asia and the visual diary of hope and despair, the proximity and the omnipresence of death, Eitminavičius recorded “Ilgės” in 2015-2018, eexclusively employing acoustic instruments like accordion, Lithuanian zither, guitar and violin as sound sources. Their imperfect creaks and resonant echoes make the vast sonic horizons sound close, and the utterly immersive and beautiful compositions will no doubt absorb you.

The journey of the soul begins with “Melas – A Lie”, which is a floating piece of ambience as deep as the Mariana Trench, revolving around the hope that there is something important beyond our desolate routine. The title track is even calmer, with a distant echo of incalculable sounds, and a sonorous vocal recitation – incomprehensible to the non-speaker of Lithuanian, yet strangely familiar and even soothing for anyone listening with an open heart. “Fading Gardens” works like a summary of the previous, even more mournful and bleak. After the last sound has faded, we are left with ambiguous emotions, having had a glimpse of an insight, yet realizing we have just scratched the surface … “perhaps that which is crucial is really nearby?”

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