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LTD175 SKADIS ODEM is a band located near Nuremberg at the edge of the Franconian Switzerland, originally founded back in 2000 which finally releases its debut “Nachwachsender Mensch”. The band’s name has been derived from “Skadi”, the nordic winter goddess and “Odem”, the old poetic meaning of the word “breath”. Mika Wilhelmson, the main man behind SKADIS ODEM, draws his inspiration from fairy tales, stories and poems of his grandfather, based on a fraternal Europe, german poems and myths, nature, romanticism and a deep antipathy against politics and the modern world. Musicalwise “Nachwachsender Mensch” deeply roots in traditional german neofolk and bands like Belborn, Werkraum or Dies Natalis, complemented by samples and various flutes and the female voice of Nelinka Hrafnsdóttir. The album consists of nine emotional songs that lead back to the old glory days of german neofolk with hymns like “Sonnwendfeuer” and “Frühlingsreigen”.

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