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nothing is everything is invisible
all conscience goes hand in hand with the certainty of things beyond immediate perception; all human interaction demands vis-à-vis respect for the hidden history of the individual. defy the conceptual, the distraction of the manifold, embrace the dialectic nature of life and the certainty that nothing does not mean anti-existence, but infinite possibilities, a breeding ground for everything possible.

noise pop beat massacre with a japanese green tea infusion
it has been done because it’s possible, and because it’s time. salt needs no introduction for his work as a label owner and graphic artist, but as a music producer has been inactive for over a decade, and surely few musicians come up with their debut album no earlier than almost 30 years down the line. ‚invisible‘ is truly genre-defying, and not in the usual sense that it incorporates aspects of different genres – it is neither noise nor pop in the sense that it fulfils the usual expectations these terms conjure up. the japanese infusion (i.e. sonic references) weaves a red thread, the reflection of positive nothingness is the intellectual backbone, and the music might serve as a diary.

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