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Right in time for the long nights Andrew Lagowski is back with his probably most ambitious project to date! A deep ambient space soundtrack of nothing less than eight hours on eight CDs presented in a beautiful cardboard box.

‘S.E.I.T.’ (Sleep Environments for Interplanetary Travel) by S.E.T.I.

You are on a journey to other worlds, using wormhole navigation and cosmic guidance. You’ll go through parallel universes. A lot of the time, you will need to sleep in order to maintain sanity and these sounds can accompany you if you’ll allow them in. They’ll comfort you, remind you…

There will be echoes of your past lives, encounters and tangential moments. Darkness, beauty and noise will be your companions…

A mangled communication burst…a smattering of spy transmissions…broken broadcasts and ethereal interludes from an Earth long since abandoned by a stupid and brutal race. A race only occasionally capable of connecting to the cosmic wheel that gives our souls energy.

These recordings have been composed, sequenced and mastered in such a way as to allow for periods of hazy dreams, deep sleep, time displacement and finally, awakening. Please use them as you see fit – perhaps as a toolbox for your own sleep travels and dream experimentation.Eight CDs, each in a paper sleeve, housed in a cardboard box with a twelve page booklet.

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