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01. beyond the pale
02. comes again

33rpm 7″ black vinyl & 48 page fineart softcover artbook. including
digital download-code. limited edition of 148 copies. mastering by
anatoly grinberg. artwork by stefan alt. release date: 09.02.2023

PALE are håkan paulsson, emma ekered, christina blom & joakim engström
from jönköping / gothenburg sweden.

PALE is raw, abrasive and dark northern industrial, which could be
described as challenging but also captivating. the band is using
traditional style power electronics and aggressive rhythms confronted
with a provocative wall of sound – purely authentic and with full
dedication. four charismatic singers are screaming their heart out to
hymns of noise for the ultimate level of intensity.

the members håkan paulsson and joakim engström are already known from
their countless performances with the legendary band SANCTUM. pale is
already existing since more then 15 years and they did several live
shows, but it took till today for the very first vinyl release. the
band’s lyrics deal with themes of death, suffering and dystopia and
deliver a solemn and immersive dark soundscape to the environment we are
fenced in.

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