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The long-awaited debut album from the ‚enfant terrible‘ of the alternative music scene is finally here. OTHON’s album has an intimate and almost live quality. His compositions–a blend of opera, punk, noise and lyrical romanticism–form a proof of a rich and distinctive musical language. 3 tracks feature Marc Almond on vocals, including a cover of Aleister Crowley’s „The Tango Song“, the first time this song has ever been released; 1 track features Anok Pe Current 93’s David Tibet on vocals, covering Coil’s „The Dreamer is still Asleep“; and 4 tracks feature Ernesto Tomasini on vocals. OTHON has enthused audiences and critics alike with his highly original compositions, intelligent songwriting and virtuosic piano playing. With only a limited self-made CD EP in his back catalogue, OTHON has toured several European cities and has his music performed regularly on both European and American radio shows. His pieces have formed soundscapes for films by Bruce LaBruce and Derek Jarman and he has collaborated with musicians such as Peter Christopherson, the Elysian Quartet (who guest on the album) and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo. (durtro jnana)


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