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After the well-received “Total Division”, THETA returns to Zoharum with its successor, the album “Vision of One”, on which Themistoklis Altintzoglou consistently explores the formula of his own musical expression, balancing between drone and ambient aesthetics; in this case, it is only a starting point for further excursions to other regions, not so obvious in this genre. The Greek artist with incredible ease juggles rather modest mens of expression in order to bring out new, sometimes surprising, or at least not so usual structures based on a cold massive, even rough and metallic sound. On this core, individual compositions are embedded, which naturally unfold in different directions, but nevertheless create a coherent but multicolored and intriguing album, where the atmosphere thickens with every minute, where you can clearly feel the Scandinavian cold, and everywhere enveloped in an aura of mystery, seasoned with a pinch of post black metal spirit. If you appreciated “Total Division”, you will love “Vision Of One”-the younger, more mature successor. Released on CD in 6-panel ecopack in a circulation of 300 copies.

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