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NNHMN returns to Zoharum with „Deception Island“ a compilation CD of tracks taken from vinyl EP-s titled Deception Island Part 1 and 2 respectively, released by Spanish Oráculo Records.
As expected, the duo of Lee and Michal Laudarg deliver hell of a ride. Dark Wave, Synth Pop, EBM, New Romantic, Dark Disco – you name it. Spirit of ’80s nostalgia is strong in this music. It’s hard to listen to this without nodding your head or moving your hands and feet. Deception Island is very propulsive. From the first synths of „In Darkness“ to the last beats of „Nachtgang“ NNHMN keeps you enslaved on the dancefloor.
The track order has been slightly rearranged so the compilation has a more album feel and makes you find yourself listening to it for the third time in a row moving and watching the stars. You just don’t want it to stop.
Restless dance of the night endless.
CD edition of 300 copies comes in „silk“ digipack.

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