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First 1000 copies come as digipak with 8 page booklet! Mercurial Behaviour is a conceptual album on which every “act“ represents the confused thoughts and visions of a murderer. Lyrics and words are rearranged in different ways and moments to create a hypnotic mantra leading us in different directions and states of emotions; all intertwined through a soft and haunting dark atmosphere created by piano, acoustic guitar, bells, industrial sounds, loops and of course that broken Italian psychotic voice of Daniele Serra. Medusa’s Spell is a dark-ambient-pop project of Mara Lasi and Daniele Serra, known from the parallel project Chirleison (amongst others) who released a CD on Fossil Dungeon in 2004. The album was recorded and engineered by the legendary Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Kirlian Camera) at the Neurohabitat studio. Released on Cold Meat Industry.

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