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Kontinent is half of Polish Power Electronics duo Kevlar, but Kontinent’s solo work is not by all means any less powerful than his mother band. The project is defunct since 2019 and „Stasis“ is a „post mortem“ and first ever CD reissue of this seminal album previously released on tape and vinyl courtesy of Unrest Productions in 2017.

„Stasis“ is Power Electronics in its purest form. If you’re a connoisseur of the genre – you know what to expect. If you’re new you’re about to get shocked as this is 8 tracks of brain welding, crunchy distortions on both high and low frequencies mixed with angry vocals and political speeches. This is demanding music for adults. It’s also rewarding in its extreme as there is a lot more than „meets the ear“. Kontinent seems to capture the essence of negativity – be it fear or anger and channel it in the great walls of noise that flushes over your body and mind with cathartic effect. Listen to a single track for instant effect or dive into the whole album for a complex treatment and you’ll find yourself sweating and/or eager to chew concrete stabs in no time.
Too bad we won’t be able to experience this music live any more, as Kontintent’s gigs stay with you like a trauma probably till the very end. At least we got „Stasis“ to „cheer“ us up. We couldn’t recommend it more. But also – you’ve been warned.
CD edition of 300 copies comes in digipack.

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