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– These martial industrial styled blunderbuss-stories and plague-tales draw their inpiration on old ugly brothers Pestilence and War. Wherever you spot another, you can be sure the another one is not far away. The stories and songs on this album draw inspiration on soldiers blood-lust while marching towards the battle and pillage with heavy steps, the merciless plagues that keep pestering the world and all the innocent men in the wet dungeons with their itching shackles.

With this one, it was impossible to hide the artitsts‘ absolute admiration of legendary old school bands like The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, older works of Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, magickal Roman Ain Soph and legendary esoteric industrial loop master NON. So, excpect old school martial industrial with deranged loops and vocals, broad-shouldered martial rhythms melted together with atmospheres woven with carefully selected analogue and 90’s synths and broad assortment of actual organic instruments.

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