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Vertigo Emission, the twelfth album of Erik Jarl, this Swedish genius of sound construction, is a logical continuation of his earlier works. The composer remains loyal to the style he propagates. Slow, very heavy and dismal sound waves grip the listeners and take them into the colourless, uncanny and morbid world. Like the previous ones, this album reminds a person who could earlier see the colours but became colour blind and in order to adapt to the new situation has to understand familiar yet irreversibly changed signs anew. The aesthetics of Erik Jarl’s sonic decoration is like always very austere and merciless, however, it is marked by endless charm resulting from especially sensitive and subtle construction. The release comes in three types of exquisite digipacks. More regular ones include the matted digipack and an embossed glossy digipack. The more expensive digipack creates 3D space for the first time in the history of industrial subculture. Album „Vertigo Emission” lasts for 74 min 06 s. Lim. E 300.


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