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ANNIHILVS proudly presents FRAGILE CONFRONTATION, our second full length CD release by Swedish Darkambient sound sculptor JARL.
Since the release of the debut full length SEALED VOID in 2003, this brilliant artist (who has already shown his mettle as a member of IRM) has released albums for such noted labels as MALIGNANT RECORDS and SEGERHUVA.
Now, JARL has returned to ANNIHILVS as the label begins its rebirth.
FRAGILE CONFRONTATION finds JARL looking back into the sparse, cold isolationist landscapes of SEALED VOID, while instilling an undercurrent of impending violence, like a blade slowly moving toward flesh in tense, scraping frame-by-frame action.
Metallic drones and static waves slide against each other as the confrontation between steel and skin comes to a mind-numbing collision.

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