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After almost 20 years, it’s back… „KAGURA“, the long out of print, exceptional Jack or Jive album documenting their otherworldly performance in January, 1994, is now seeing the light of day once again. White Rabbit Records is proud to announce the re-issue of this memorable live release, originally on the Dradomel label, with a beautifully packaged Fold-Out CD offering. For this memorable performance at the „Otherside“ in Kyoto, Japan, Jack or Jive improvised all vocals, creating an atmospheric experience that lead one reviewer, Nigel Harris, to write: „This largely restrained, ethereal performance flows almost like a single work, such is its unity. It seems to this listener that Jack Or Jive have been working up to this stunning work. With depth, drama and atmosphere, and the inclusion of subtle natural sounds, it truly grabs the attention. Chako’s vocals are improvised and cover the full range of her abilities. Their most experimental album to date.“ Yet, in addition to the original Kyoto show, we are also pleased to include 6 extra live tracks from other performances through the years, showcasing the band’s unrelenting strength and beauty, as well as innovation, when taking to the stage. Presented in a beautiful 9-Panel, fold out CD package, performance imagery is utilized to help the listener fully appreciate the Jack or Jive experience. We are happy to offer this CD for both it’s MUSICAL, as well as it’s Artistic creativity presented within. Enjoy… WHITE RABBIT RECORDS (WRR 008) EAN: 4038846110085 (WRR 008) TRACKLIST 1. Snow-covered Landscape 2. Morning Dew And The Crescent 3. Sea Of Flames 4. Woman In Black extra: 5. Introduction 6. Tidal Current 7. Black Montain 8. The Sky Through The Keyhole 9. Don’t Go 10. A Girl In A Field KAGURA TRAILER: VISIT JACK OR JIVE ON MY SPACE: WRR 008


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