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Demanded repress of modern day harsh noise classic! Even if it feels somehow arrogant to worship something you just released. I can’t take credit for making the material. I simply heard “Here Be Lions” material before it was released as tape and even if this was scheduled for magnificent Sprachlos Verlag label. I immediately told this is simply too good to be 100 copies tape what will disappear in current flood of north european noise. It was agreed there must be CD release and I’m proud to say this represents possibly the best harsh noise CD ever released in north europe. It goes right up there. next to genre defining milestone. It has all the necessary elements. Fierce and brutal sound full of energy. Hands on approach with strong focus on physical object. Utmost care on textures and subtle details. Individual sounds sources. tape manipulations. mixdown and composition. Even if cd includes some material previously heard on tape. it stand strong as proper album. Essential for fanatics of noise with passion and artistic intergrity! FA-CD-073 Freak Animal.

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