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The complete Gum recordings from 1987-1990.

Disc One: Tracks 1-10 were recorded for Vinyl LP. Tracks 11 and 12 were outtakes from the same session and were released on cassette only. All sounds on this disc were made from vinyl records – scratched, looped or untouched. No tapes, no samples. Recorded 1987.

Disc Two: Track 1 previously unreleased (1990). Track 2 released on RRRecords‘ Testament 7″ singles pack (1990). Track 3 released on Korm Plastic’s Assemblage 2 7″ split single (1990). Track 4 features John Murphy and was released on cassette on Information Systems Untitled (1988). Track 6 (The Stooges) was recorded for Hard To Beat-Trbute to The Stooges LP (Au Go Go Records 1988). It was rejected. Tracks 5 and 7 (Throbbing Gristle) were recorded for 20 Years In The Blue Movies And Yet To Fake An Orgasm LP (1988). Track 7 also features John Murphy.

All tracks (except „Live At Hard Times“) were recorded at Media Arts RMIT.

Packaged in a jewel-case with 12-page booklet, transparent cover insert, and slipcase.

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