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two years have passed since genetic selection’s last strike. the concept album ‚darwin’s voyage‘ showcased the german oneman-project as an open-minded artist who is an explorer of new musical territories. futuristic sci-fi concepts combined with complex hard beats are his trademarks and these are further refined with ‚world of tomorrow‘. on this album, g.s. combines heavy rhythms with his interpretation of various styles. hypnotic synth lines converge with pounding four to the floor sequences, symphonic choirs (‚epic dreams‘), disturbing shattered voice samples (‚a man and his droid‘), and electronic ambience (‚whispers in the dark‘). all of this (and more) is welded together with straight but well elaborated drumwork (and breakbeats). in short, a varied sound journey can be found within a ‚world of tomorrow‘. for instance, in ‚brotherhood of steel‘, g.s. presents a dance track with vocals that could turn a discotheque into a starlight casino. another great album by a real starship trooper who is back to squash some more bugs!

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