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Completly remastered and witin a deluxe foldout cover. all 7″ releases and compilation tracks compiled + two sonsg only availabe on this double CD. somehow a sort of Best Of and Must Have collection. TRACKLIST CD1 1. Commemoration I 2. En Avant 3. Soldat 4. L’alliance Eternelle 5. Commandement 6. La Mort notre Alliee 7. Ultime Soupir 8. L’avenir 9. Le Doux Poison 10. Ma Foi est mon Combat CD2 1. Commemoration II 2. Ou Tu Iras 3. Ma Promesse 4. Hymn 5. Un Refrain Solitaire 6. Mon Mercenaire 7. Songe d’un Matin d’ete 8. Coeur De Legionnaire 9. De Profundis 10. L’image CD1 1 previously unreleased. 2-5 taken from „En Acant“ 7″. 6-7 taken from „Commandments“ 7″. 8 taken from „La Liste Noir“ compilation CD. 9-10 unused tracks from the „Le Feu Sacré“ sessions. 11 taken from „Codreanu“ compilation 2CD. CD2 1 previously unreleased. 2-4 taken from „Ou Tu Iras“ 7″. 5 taken from „Zu Neuen Ufern In Alter Frische!“ compilation CD. 6 taken from the „split“ 7″ with Novy Svet. 7 taken from „HauRuck! Festival“ compilation LP. 8 taken from „Tutti A Casa!“ compilation 2xCD. 9 taken from the bonus 7″ accompanying the „Les Blessures de L’Ombre“ LP. 10 was the original version of the song „Si“ from „Les Blessures De L’Ombre“. EAN: 40388468310676 (HR67) visit DERNIERE VOLONTE HauRuck 67


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