DER BLUTHARSCH And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – Today I Want To Catch Clouds – LP Black vinyl LE200

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Today I want to catch Clouds collects songs and sounds Dbaticotlh did over the last 5 years for various occasions. It contains remixes and collaborations but also some little kinky wierdnesses. Enjoy! TRACKLIST: 1. Today I want to catch Clouds collaboration with White Hills 2. Will You Come Now remix for Phallus Dei feat. John Walker 3. Mountains of Sorrow remix for Changes 4. Kreuzung Drei remix for Reutoff 5. The Condition of Nothing remix for White Hills 6. Birds of Prey instrumental version 7. I Will Not Obey split 7″ with Our Survival Depends On Us 8. This is the Word – is It? kinky version 9. Join the Army! previously unreleased demo track 10. Is this what you told us …? collaboration with Skullflower

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