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„We started composing some quasi pop/classical pieces that gradually morphed and evolved into one, hour-long piece. Via digital recording and processing of vintage analogue sound sources (i.e. mini Moog, Sequential Circuits, Prophet 5 synthesizers etc.) the piece gradually took shape.
The title ‚Photosynthesis‘ was re-appropriated from the botanical process. Sitting in the garden surrounded by trees and plants on a sunny day, the idea of organisms using sunlight to synthesise nutrients from CO2 and water became an inspiration to us. This idea, juxtaposed with mankind’s destruction of the planet through pollution and war gave us the inspiration to compose this soundscape“.
Dave Ball (Soft Cell, The Grid) and Jon Savage.
Comes in a beautiful 6-panel digipak, cloaked in exquisite flora art.
„Moody, dark ambience“ (*Most Wanted*, Record Collector)
„This album is a masterpiece of immersive soundscaping. This album is filled with inspiration and detail. It is a dark ambient recording without any of the satanic cheese, with enough melody, emotion and layering to stand up to many listens. Furthermore, it demonstrates mastery of synthesizers and studio processing, with incredible ear pleasing high fidelity production.“ (5/5, Musique Machine)
„the music is intense, beautiful, spooky, meandering and spacious, and sometimes all of this at the same time. This release might be the biggest surprise this week, and easily one of the best of this week also.“ (Vital Weekly)
„the album brims with organic textures, perhaps due to use of analog instrumentation… Both beautiful and menacing in tone, Photosynthesis stakes its claim as an original work in a crowded field.“ (5/5, Avant Music News)
„…a haunting, delightfully organic album of ambient and experimental electronica. There’s a warmth to Photosynthesis that many other albums of this sort lack, aided by the use of analogue sources, and it’s this warmth that gives the album such a special feel… Photosynthesis is an album that requires multiple listens and proper attention to fully appreciate, but the rewards are more than worth it. It is an album full of depth, with an engaging character and atmosphere that is more than worth losing several evenings exploring.“ (The Sound Not The Word)

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