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Darkwood are coming up with a new album on Paganism & Youth. In a twilight garden of mystic tales and magic sounds, one will meet the norns of the past,
present, and future thus remembering one’s own youth and learning about the meaning of life. Drifting through all four seasons guided by the power of the
runes, one will cross the path of boar, raven, eagle, and wolf and finally touch the hand of the one-eyed god. The twilight garden symbolizes a spiritually
imaginary realm beyond the north wind which could not only be a retreat but a place for growing resistance.
The 10 songs in English language based upon acoustic guitars appear in a new vein with driving bass lines, raw drums, and electronic soundscapes, here and
there revealing dots of accordion and trumpet. The CD version comes in a beautiful digipack, the LP version in a gatefold with transparent vinyl.

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