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with ‚escape‘ contagious orgasm continue to plough their uniquely peculiar furrow of audio experiments and self improvement, exploring the strange landscapes of numerous musical styles. dealing with influences ranging from ambient, dub, idm/electronica and elec tro to dark ambient and noise, it is an impossible task to completely comprehend this album’s scope within just a few listens. this aural voyage atmospherically varies from hypnotic echo-based beat pulses and moony synthesized melodies up to disturbing industrial soundscapes. mighty bass strokes, a multitude of different rhythms, manipulated voices and skillfully applied samples result in an adventurous and enthralling work of sonic art captivating with its deep, transparent production. turn off the light and let yourself fall into this album’s very own flow. a quite accessible, multifarious, and yet typical element of contagious orgasm’s wide cosmos in its charm, enjoyment and surprise. Act261


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