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Logistics of Religion is a powerful document testifying the link between the clans of intelligence services, representing themselves as the Messengers of Jesus, with the bloody rituals in Papua New Guinea. These are the latest testimonies about the involvement of B-52, the bomber of the new prophets, in the establishment of the latest and bloodiest religions and its mission of providing new victims for the cruellest cannibal tribes. Logistics of Religion is the new way to conquer the remote and dangerous areas of the planet. Global control and solution of strategic objectives by rallying the archaic religions of the planet in the hands of a single secret master. Management strategy and religion planning for savage tribes with regard to the peculiarities of archaic world view. Logistics of Religion is the disclosure of far-fetching plans embodied in the brutal sound of postmortem. In the record of Logistics of Religion, one will find samples, powerful and unique conspirational atmosphere and the spit into the face of the lie. Album’s tracks: 1. Men behind the Hate 2. Programme Body 3. Art of Hiding 4. Logistics Of Religion


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